Dear Santa — Love ParqEx

Dear Santa,

Our name is ParqEx. We are six years old, and we live in a lot of places actually. We first lived in Chicago, Illinois. But soon, we lived in Madison, Wisconsin, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fast forward a bit, and we’re kind of all over the place in the United States. But somewhere super fun where we now live as well is Miami, Florida. What’s it like to fly your reindeer above the beach? Does Rudolph like the sand?

Naughty or Nice? Is that even a question, Santa?

Woah, okay, back to Christmas. We’ve been super nice this year!

  1. People begged us to White Label our parking solutions to put their brand on the tech solutions. And we listened and built our ParqEx White Label Parking Solutions — Your brand, Our tech. How nice was that?!
  2. Oh, and also, we helped all our clients with their properties security with our lines of Access Control systems — Access + and Access + Premium with License Plate Recognition technology. We even felt like being nicer and helped countless properties with the enforcement of their property with our Enforcer App.
  3. The most recent nice thing we did was strongly encourage the use of GuestParq to all our clients, especially during the holiday season. We figure that’s the best way to impress tenants and their guests!
  4. And not to keep bragging, but we were super nice by opening up a lot of private parking spots to the public through our Marketplace App. As a result, we helped thousands and thousands of people looking for parking and helped owners make extra money off their parking spots by listing them on ParqEx’s Marketplace. Pretty nice of us, if you ask me!

Back to you, Santa! Thank you for our presents last year.

We like them! They helped us have a really fun 2021! So back to business here, Santa.

This is what I’d like for Christmas:

I want to live in lot more cities across this big country! Is there any present you can give me to make sure we keep growing?

I need more tech gadgets for fun giveaways in my ParqEx family.

I’ll read anything on Real Estate, Property Technology, License Plate Recognition Tech, Architecture, Property Management.

I’d love for you to bring me a new toy for Spot! He’s our Dalmatian puppy that deserves all the toys and cuddles in the whole world.

Safe Travels, Santa!

I hope you have a safe flight, Santa! And enjoy our ParqEx cookies.





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ParqEx is a venture backed parking technology platform that has developed innovative IoT & AI technology to manage and monetize real-estate parking assets.